Elemental Rings

The way I see it. By Kalindore Percival Alvin Enselari

Dear journal, I feel we are headed for a difficult time ahead…. Let me list the facts of the situation, as I see it…

1. The Eastern Rings were made first.
2. The Western Rings were made to copy or simulate the Eastern rings.
3. There are summoning stones with Eastern Glyphs matching the rings spread throughout a Western town.
4. The creatures brought forth by the summoning stones are permanent.
5. ALL 5 of the stones have been activated.
6. We felt an earthquake hit the town as soon as the 5 stones were activated.
7. Lines of magic power manifested as soon as the stones were activated (possibly linking them).
8. The summoned creatures reflect the alignment of their summoner.

I believe the above to be true, then I will guess the following:

1. The stones and (eastern) rings were meant to work together.
2. Once activated all five rings act as a much larger, ancient summoning stone.
3. Because, the stones summon permanent creatures, that are strong in their own right, the 5 combined must be more powerful.
4. The creature summoned by all 5 must be immensely powerful, stronger, permanent.
5. Because the stones are ancient, the creature summoned by all 5 must be ancient as well (on the scale of a dragon possibly).
6. The Ancient summoned creature from all 5, might be related to eastern culture, mythology.

Additionally I have the following issues with the haflings;

1.Cappleton has no faith in myself or my fellow elf (Querin) (i.e. I come up with a plan that helps us and he then attributes that idea to Zog.
2.Barky doesn’t deserve to wield the rings, because he is more than willing to place an entire town in danger by summoning random chaotic monsters.
3.I am worried that the party is consistently and rapidly moving up the city’s most wanted list. For example – burning the bar several days ago, starting another part of the city on fire via the magma man today, associating with chaotic beasts.

I believe we are planning to check out the center of the area the 5 stones form, some think a pentagram, hopefully I will be able to report more later.

Kalindore Percival Alvin Enselari



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