Elemental Rings

Spying on Lord Shandar

Lord Shandar sits in a room with a large table in front of him, numerous maps spread out on the table. Around the table are four chairs, two of them occupied. The first by Taj (he is the guard that was / is the wererat) now in a commander of the guard uniform. The second by a slight eastern women, dressed in loose fitting black cloth, which covers her completely from feet and hands up to her neck. There is disdain between the two, more like barely contained hatred.

A slender person (you presume a man) dressed like the seated woman just bowed to him Lord Shandar, with a slight gesture from the woman he gives his report. The report details every members of the group’s movement and also includes the mage shop, the remaining good guards and their leader, the elven clerics, the 2 other good churches/temples in the city and their leaders.

There is silence for a moment then the woman asks, “Has more than one confirmed the halfings have Kurai Ka?” The man who gave the report nods. There is a sound of swift walking and a door slamming.

“The halfings are more trouble then you indicated” the woman says to Shandar.

Lord Shandar appears to be mastering his anger, then glances at Taj.

“They will be dealt with immediately, my Lord. They are children, fools who stumbled upon powerful items” Taj says. The women coldly looks at him “how with you deal with them?” she asks.

“Your informant says that are split up, they are nothing without that elven warrior, without him they lack direction and will be easily destroyed” Taj says.

“This is your last chance to deal with them” Lord Shandar says while staring at Taj.

The haflings tonight, then the remaining guards the next!” Taj says. He stands and bows and leaves.
“If he fails, you will have command of the guards” Lord Shandar says to the woman, who nods.

The woman and others outside the area of viewing leave. After the door shuts Shandar slams his fist on the table, the western water ring clearly visible on the his hand.



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