Elemental Rings

A storyline enhancement…. The 3 Evils

There is a stone, on a lightly forested floor, recently uncovered. It is 18 inches in diameter, dull white, almost tan in color. There is a eastern glyph etched in the surface of the stone, the glyph is black in color.

All is clam and quiet in the woods when three figures suddenly appear just feet away from the stone. They appear ready to spring into action at the slightest sign. One slender figure clad in all black cloth moves quickly to the perimeter, nearly disappearing in the shadows cast by the sparse trees. The other two remain in defensive stances; they are both eastern human males. Both in robes, one set of well made silk, one set of a sturdier cloth. The man in silk appears unarmed though his presence emanates that he is anything but unarmed. The other appears much bulkier, as if armored under the robes, and equipped with a staff in hand and a flanged mace at his side.

The slender black clad figure returns and with a quick sign to the others, all noticeable relax. The figure removes the cloth coverings from face and head to reveal an eastern female, the same seen talking to Lord Shandar in the scrying session.

“It is the same as the other” says the unarmed easterner.
“Should we activate it or wait to use it” says the other male, looking at the woman.
“Activate it, and this time do not hold back” she say back to the man.
“We could use it as bait or a trap for the halfings and elves” says the slender eastern man.
“No, we have a trap being sprung now, we will gain information from that, right now we need to gain information about this” says the woman pointing at the stone.
“I will not summon a debiru this time, without the fool Shandar to take the blame we do not want to risk angering our potential future allies.” Says the easterner with the staff.
“Agreed. We do not need to waste our energy dealing with an unbound debiru. Summoning one in such a matter away from the city will gain us nothing” states the silk clad man.
“Yes something more neutral. Something that will be angered by not being able to return itself. That will cause problems for whoever else comes to investigate this stone.” Says the easterner with the staff.
“No one else knows about the stones….” starts the slender eastern man.
“Don’t be a fool! Do not underestimate our enemies. Shandar did. They have proved to elusive and chaotic to characterize at this point.” Says the woman. “Do not underestimate them” she reiterates while looking at the silk clad man. “Now ready yourself” turning to the other man she says “if you have chosen your actions, then begin.”
The armored eastern man reaches down, chants something quietly and touches the stone. The stone responses by somehow becoming slightly brighter, more colorful. He nods to the others. The silk clad man positions himself between the other two, appears to cast a spell and says “I am ready.”
“Don’t hold back this time” the woman says again the armored easterner.
The armored easterner casts a spells while appearing to focus on the stone. The earth in front of the stone erupts or rather expands rapidly into a huge earthen humanoid shape. The creature appears to take in it’s surroundings, pauses then lets out an anguished roar and focuses on the three figures in front of it. The woman smiling slightly, with her hand resting on the silk clad man’s shoulder, increases her grip and the three figures disappear before the earthen creature can react further.



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